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ProScale is JVX’s flagship computing service that integrates virtual machines, storage, and container systems into a single manageable platform.

Despite its sophistication, “burdensome” is one thing ProScale is not. In fact, ProScale reduces touchpoints and the specialized knowledge required to maintain server farms. Maybe containers aren’t your thing – no problem! ProScale solves problems even in a VM-only environment, thanks to its integrated storage management.

If you’ve ever maintained network storage, you’re familiar with the challenge of having a specialized configuration interface, login system, and the security concern of yet-another-device on your network. ProScale’s storage system is integrated directly with the computing cluster, meaning there’s no separate device. Moreover, it runs on commodity drives, so you don’t have to think about the price tag associated with a SAN.

After a fresh installation by JVX, you’re ready to deploy VMs using the immediately-available storage pool. Gain instant resiliency, fault-tolerance, and peace-of-mind.

If you’re thinking about trying containerized applications in your environment (and even if you’re all-in on containers), the container management aspect of ProScale is world class. It leverages Kubernetes elegantly, and streamlines your server management workflow by unifying containers and VM management behind a single pane of glass.

ProScale is built on established, mature components deployable in a manner suited to your environment. Our engineers can spec a hardware stack for your site, or you can purchase our Hardware-as-a-Service plan in which we deploy and support our hardware at your location. If you're looking to leverage existing hardware, we can perform a thorough assessment to determine suitability for the ProScale platform.

In a world of growing complexity ProScale is a wise move.

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